Investing in a Sustainable Future


The world has to work hard to reduce its CO2 emissions and reach global climate targets. Big cities burst with heavy traffic. Peach is one of the innovators putting real action behind these targets.


In 2018 we looked around China for a product that met our high quality standards. We found it there and adapted it to European market standard and our unique specifications. China is far advanced in the field of electro-mobility with consumers and producers already very advanced and build on years of experience.


We received the product end of 2018 and started working right away on the proof of concept in a pilot run. We already count a growing number of satisfied customers of our peach community today. At the same time, we secured and build a great brand that got attention and invitation to various trade shows and events.

Since the end of 2019 we started developing our product further. Our mission has been to make the product suitable for a larger audience. It was clear to us that that the e-mobility market will be less consumer owned but driven by innovative sharing ideas and corporate solutions. For that we looked at great innovators and new products to expand our a team and advisor.


Together with some great partners on board, leaders in German automotive engineering, battery technology and microchip programmers, we are finishing our new prototype. We are looking to conquer the German market with a high-quality product and a fully connected smart emoped.


Stay Tuned: 

We bundle the hardware with the software to offer a easy-to-use customer front end with cloud-based back end in order to meet all requirements to provide the technology for the sharing services of the future.



Now it is your turn:

We are now inviting investors with a network and capital to expand on our vision, accelerate the roll out and benefit from great returns. 


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If you want to find out more about us, we would be happy to introduce you to our team.  

Kind regards - Severin & Julian from peachmobility 

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